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4400 East Broadway Blvd #704, Tucson, Arizona, 85711arrottalaw.com

Libra Aquilar

Legal Assistant

Libra was born in Tucson and lived here until the age of 10. Libra’s family moved to El Paso, Texas, and remained there until 1994 when she returned to Tucson. Once back in Tucson, Libra continued her education while dreaming what her future might bring her. By chance, she had the opportunity to answer phones at a law firm where she realized that Law was the answer to her future. Just prior to graduating from school with an Associates Degree in 1996, she immediately found work at two law firms that handled different types of legal cases, to see what was a good fit for her. Personal injury law was the answer. Libra’s speciality is obtaining any type of documentation related to our multiple cases. Libra also has a Property and Casualty Insurance License valid in the State of Arizona, so she has a great understanding of what’s involved in personal injury cases.

Libra has been happily married since 2006. She enjoys cooking, baking, and traveling, at a moments notice, which she believes makes the absolute best vacations. Libra is looking forward to one day taking a cruise around the world.

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